How To Get Hired As A Petroleum Engineer is a 40 page road-map for students and those looking to gain employment in the petroleum industry in a graduate program, internship, vacation employment and even has useful information for those seeking employment in a position that requires years of experience.

I’ve made it into the industry and now I want to help you do the same.

The eBook is set out in 8 Chapters:

1. Finding The Jobs

2. Making Yourself More Employable

3. Crafting The Perfect Resume

4. Aceing The Online Testing

5. Nailing The Assessment Centers and Interviews

6. The Power Of Networking

7. Extra Studies – To Do Or Not To Do That Masters?

8. The Best Alternate Career Pathways For Petroleum Engineers

BONUS – 31 of the most common behavioural interview questions with answers commentary.

BONUS – Free resume and cover letter templates

BONUS – 5 best questions to ask at an interview

What Is Different About The Material In This eBook?

It contains the information that no one wants to share in chat forums. Ever notice how everyone gets quiet after they have completed their portion of interviews and testing? That is the information I’m sharing with you – the most valuable hiring secret sauce.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Using the practices I’ve developed and that are shared in the ebook I found employment before I finished my degree (and I studied a different discipline – aerospace engineering). I’ve interviewed, attended assessment centers and secured jobs with several different companies from Europe to The United States and Australia.

I started my career in Norway before moving to Pennsylvania, USA and completing more work there. I’m currently working and residing in Australia working for a local oil and gas company.

What If I Don’t Get Anything Out Of The eBook?

If you don’t find any information of use in my eBook, then I will send you a photo of me eating my hat AND a full refund (OK, maybe not the hat eating part). You have 12 months from date of purchase to get in touch with me and tell me why you think my eBook might have sucked and I’ll refund your payment entirely.

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