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Material Balance Equations Exam Preparation

Limitations & Assumptions


The most significant limitation of the MB calculation is that there is no time factor included. That means that while a material balance calculation can tell us what happened, it can’t tell us when it happened. If we combine the material balance calculations with other methods it is possible to infer time information. The combination between the time information from well productivity equations and the pressure/production information from MBE can give time details. (more…)

Important Definitions For Petroleum Geoscience Exam

Half of the Petroleum Geoscience exam in the Msc Petroleum Engineering degree with Heriot Watt University is comprised of part A questions that ask you for definitions to different terminologies. That’s 50 marks. While it is difficult to know exactly what might be on the exam, the following is a list of what I think are indispensable definitions that you should have mastered before heading in. I found a great way to study for these is to print out several sheets of paper with the terminologies listed and draw mind maps out from the center of term. (more…)

Reservoir Engineering Theory: Proven, Probable and Possible.

This is written theory. No calculations are included. The material has been written in my own words and for the purpose of improving my knowledge of exam based topics in the Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering semester one course – Reservoir Engineering 1 at Heriot Watt University.

Reserves Definition: It is important to get this definition correct close to word-by-word. Reserves are those quantities of materials that are anticipated to be economically commercially recoverable from known accumulates from a specific date forward. (more…)

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